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Hello from Bruce Hill

Experienced sales professional and trainer.

My focus is providing training accessible and useful to a wide array of professionals. My goal is to positively impact individual's and team's performance across industries. This extends to those who do not have the word "sales" in their job description.


Unlock your potential to maximize the efforts of those around you.

Sales Training

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Effective Communication

Understanding the emotions and intentions behind the information given by those around you.

Mindset Coaching

Improving the beliefs you hold about yourself.

Our vlog

Introduction to Speakwell

Hi! My name is Bruce Hill and I am the CEO and founder of Speakwell LLC.

The Power of Affirmation

Staying motivated can be hard. Here I breakdown the power of affirmations and their ability to change your mindset.

The Perfect Elevator Pitch

Want to create interest in a project, idea, or product - or in yourself. Here I show you the breakdown of the perfect elevator pitch.

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